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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a forward thinking and cost effective method of resolving family legal disputes and an alternative to stressful Court proceedings, saving you time and money.

Rather than parties going to Court and a decision being imposed upon them, a mutually agreed third party, known as a Mediator, creates an environment in which parties who have different interests can jointly decide their own outcome. The Mediator listens to both sides and helps the parties set their own agenda and find their own solution.

Why Mediation?

There are many advantages of mediation:

  • Resolving a dispute through mediation will reduce you legal costs, compared to going through Court proceedings which are often 5x higher than mediation costs.
  • Mediation will save time and help you reach a resolution quicker. For example, a family mediation might take 3-5 sessions (spaced maybe four weeks apart) whereas a Court dispute over children or money might take 18 months
  • The average civil mediation lasts for one day contrasted with contested Court proceedings of several months or even years
  • Mediation provides the opportunity to reach an agreed solution which is acceptable to you
  • The process is completely confidential
  • Mediation helps to protect working or family relationships, by encouraging good communication and avoiding confrontation.

When can mediation be used?

  • Divorce and separation of married couples
  • Separation of unmarried couples
  • Financial disputes between partners or family members
  • Property disputes between couples or family members
  • Child custody and maintenance payment disputes

Our family team are specialised in Mediation and our goal is to help you come to a solution in a calm, safe and healthy environment whilst saving you money and time.

Hopkins Solicitors invites people with family problems to an initial 30 minute FREE* consultation to determine if you need legal help, and if we are the right law firm for you. We will provide clear, fixed fee prices and can tell you from the start how much you can expect to pay, so you can budget accordingly. We also offer flexible payment schedules to suit your budget. * Please note that the 30 minute free initial consultation excludes consultations where you request a Partner level Solicitor due to the complexity of your problem.


Q how can we keep Divorce amicable? We can help. We can write letters for you that set the right tone. We can refer you both to a Mediator. And best of all, we have a Collaborative Lawyer, who can be with you whilst we meet your ex and their lawyer; together the 4 of us can almost always come up with a better (lasting) answer, than the outcome a Court may dump on you.

Q what is Collaborative Law? a process where a couple & both of their lawyers get around the same table & work together on the practical & legal problems flowing from their Separation. It keeps things more amicable & cuts out much of the stress & conflict that can be caused in Court. You save time, costs, and much ongoing bad feeling by working Collaboratively, & you don’t risk a Judge (i.e. a stranger) imposing on you & your family an outcome that seems crazy or unsuitable to you.

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