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How do you know it’s the right time to appoint a Power of Attorney?

If you feel that sometimes everyday life tasks are hard and that you need a little bit of help now and again with shopping, going to the bank or paying bills. Then have you ever considered making a Power of Attorney?

You may have children who care a lot about you, you have brought them up and given them everything and now feels like the right time for them to return the favour.  Give them the opportunity to give back and do the things for you, that you have been doing for them for years.

It could be a neighbour or close friend (if you don’t have children) who keeps an eye out for you, runs your errands when you need help or just loves to be with you and keep you company.

Appointing them as your Attorney, legally gives them the responsibility to help deal with all of this for you, especially when you feel unwell or don’t want to go out in the bad weather or if you are choosing to self-isolate.

You will always still have the first say in your daily routine, what you need and what you want, this is never taken away from you.


What about if you lose your capacity, if you feel vulnerable, if you have to go in to hospital for weeks on end or have a serious operation, who will have the legal right to help you run errands or make important decisions on your behalf?

A Power of Attorney can help your Attorney’s to help you. They will have the legal authority to help you out by putting care in place for when you return home. Or if you lose mental capacity, they are able to help you make those decisions that you are not sure about or make sure that the decisions you made before you lost mental capacity are being upheld.

This gives you added security of knowing that your children or loved ones or even close friends, are working in your best interests to deal with matters, to try and get you the best care you need in life and keep you going.

Don’t leave things to the last minute, letting us help you now means you can sleep well knowing the right people and decisions are in place for when you need it in the future.


We have leaflets that we are happy to post out to you to read, which explains the different types of Powers of Attorney, the costs and the process.

Come in and see us at the Kirkby-in-Ashfield office located in the Morrision’s car park or ring us on 01623 688 400 to arrange an appointment.

We want you to let us know how YOU would feel most comfortable having that first conversation; over the phone, over video call or in-person at our offices where we have put safe social distancing measures in place.

And remember that we are more than happy to be flexible with the day and time you would like to talk, so if 9-5 Monday- Friday doesn’t suit you, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Remember, we are here to fit round you, not you fit round us.

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