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Existing clients

We will periodically send you an invoice or statement so that you are always aware of your outstanding balance with us. If you are making a payment, please include the “OUR REF” number that is in the top left corner of any correspondence you received from us.

New clients

If you have booked a consultation and need to pre-pay for that appointment. Please include the date of your appointment and, if known, the solicitors name you are meeting. If not known include the office location you are attending.

Payment Options

Option 1: Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment. Payments can only be accepted in £GBP Sterling. Please send payments to:

Hopkins Solicitors Ltd

Sort code: 40-51-62

Account no: 28070705

Option 2: Pay Online

If you would like to pay by card online, please fill in the form below and click SUBMIT. You will then be redirected to a secure WorldPay site to input your card details and have your payment processed.

  • We only accept a maximum WorldPay online payment of £500. If you need to pay more than £500, please make a bank transfer (see option 1).
  • WorldPay accepts all major debit and credit cards including VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Discover, PayPal, China Union Pay and JCB and will accept card payments from any currency.
  • WorldPay does not charge you anything to process your payment, all processing fees are charged directly to us.
  • We cannot accept payment towards third party fees such as; conveyancing search fees, counsel fees, shortfall payments or mortgage deposits. If you do make a payment of this type to us, and misuse our system in this way, your payment will be refunded which could take up to ten working days, and could result in significant delays to your case.

Option 3: Pay by Cash

For money laundering reasons we discourage cash payments, thus we can only accept a maximum payment of £250 at our reception desks.

If you have any queries please contact your Solicitor or our Accounts Team on 01623 468 468.

Be Alert to Cyber Fraud:  A Warning to Clients

Clients and law firms must be vigilant of cyber fraud at all times

We are keen to ensure that our clients don’t accidentally send funds to imposters pretending to be us.

Always remember:

  • Our bank account details will not be changed at the last minute.
  • You can protect yourself by making a transfer of a small amount prior to the main transfer and checking it has been properly received.
  • Be wary of any request to change payment details
  • if the solicitor who has requested funds is not well known to you, or you are not sure if the request is genuine, or if you just want to be cautious we would recommend taking steps to verify the solicitor and their details (including bank details) before sending any money.
  • You can check this by calling us and only speaking to someone you know and checking that they know enough about the transaction so that they are legitimate and checking the bank details with them.

Some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not send funds to a bank account other than the one you are notified of at the outset;
  • Do not use insecure public Wi-Fi systems to check emails when house purchases are ongoing as fraudsters often use these to steal information;
  • Do not post statuses on social media about buying/selling your house or getting a mortgage. Fraudsters may get hold of this information and so become aware that the next step will probably be a large financial transaction;
  • Do use strong passwords for your accounts and have antivirus installed on your devices;
  • Do contact the firm at the telephone number that has been provided at the outset and not to rely on number changes stated in emails
  • Do be suspicious of emails that do not sound right, such as those that employ incorrect use of terminology or bad grammar; and
  • Do be wary of opening attachments.

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