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You never expect to have family problems, but when they do arise and you need legal advice, you’ll want a solicitor that wants to hear your story and help you find a solution. We aren’t just legal experts, we love helping people and families.

Hopkins Solicitors invites people with family problems to an initial 30 minute FREE* consultation to determine if you need legal help, and if we are the right law firm for you. We will provide clear, fixed fee prices and can tell you from the start how much you can expect to pay, so you can budget accordingly. We also offer flexible payment schedules to suit your budget. * Please note that the 30 minute free initial consultation excludes consultations where you request a Partner level Solicitor due to the complexity of your problem.

We also offer FREE advice and court representation through the Legal Aid Scheme for eligible clients. You can check if you are eligible here on the official Legal Aid website. Note: Eligibility will be assessed during your initial appointment. You will need to bring in two forms of identification and documents to prove your eligibility.


Divorce and Separation

We can help you to understand the divorce or dissolution process and advise you of the steps involved. We can handle your divorce from start to finish, or support you if you choose to do some of the work yourself. Whatever your decision, we will match our service to your needs.

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Fixed Fee Divorce Advice

If you are starting to think about Divorce or Separation (or are worried that your spouse or partner might be considering them), you may want the peace of mind that comes from knowing what your options are, should Separation occur.

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Financial Disputes & Agreements

We can help you resolve financial issues with your ex-partner and make those agreements legally binding. We can advise you on the legal agreements available and the best solution for your needs.

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Collaborative Law

This is an alternative divorce process where both parties and their lawyers’ work together to resolve disputes without having to drag each other through a lengthy and expensive court case.

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Child Arrangement Issues

We can help you to negotiate and agree children issues with the other parent, and make those agreements legally binding. There are a number of legal agreements, or ‘Orders’, available to agree children issues, and we can advise you which are suitable for your needs.

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Social Services Involvement

We act for parents, carers, grandparents and intervenors when Social Services becomes involved with your child and we are accredited to act on behalf of the child putting their best interests first.

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Domestic Abuse

We can help to protect you from domestic violence, abuse and harassment using Orders granted by the Family Courts. We can provide confidential advice on your situation, and help you understand the options available to protect you and your children.

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Legal Aid

Here you will find some helpful information to find out if you could be eligible for Legal Aid

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Engaged or Unmarried Partners

We can help you understand how to legally protect any assets or property you bring to the relationship, or that is purchased while you are living together unmarried by creating a legally binding agreement with your partner.

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