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Housing Law – Support for Tenants

As a tenant, problems with your landlord, issues with disrepair or worries about eviction can be extremely stressful and can have serious implications on you, your family and your health.

How we can help tenants resolve disputes with their landlords

Hopkins friendly and highly experienced Housing Law Team can help protect your tenancy rights and represent you in court proceedings for all types of housing matters. Our Housing Law Team has been supporting tenants in Nottinghamshire for a long time. We provide guidance and representation to tenants that empowers them to be able to navigate legal complexities and uphold their rights effectively in what can be a daunting and challenging legal enviornment.

Housing Law matters we can help tenants with:

  • Advice on tenancy agreements
  • Advice on possession or eviction notices
  • Defending property damage claims
  • Disrepair claims or supporting you in getting the repairs completed by your landlord
  • Rental deposit claims
  • Unlawful eviction claims

Book a consultation with a Housing Law Solicitor

We encourage you to get in touch with our Housing Law Team, by phone or the enquiry form below, to give them a brief overview of the matter you need help with.

If your matter is extremely urgent, call our Housing Law Team directly on 01623460460.

For all non-urgent matters, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of the Housing Law Team will be in touch by the next working day.

Price Transparency

Our fees for tenant support start from £300+VAT and increases depending on the type of matter and it’s complexity.

During your first appointment, prior to you instructing us, we will review your matter in detail and give you a full breakdown of costs and a timeline of when they will need to be paid.

Please be aware that we unfortunatley can no longer help tenants requiring Legal Aid, please visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for free support.


I can't afford to pay for a solicitor, how can I get free help with my housing law issue

Your first point of contact should be the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, you can visit your local office, ring your local office or chat to them online on their website. They have a large amount of information about common questions and problems tenants have. They can also point you towards a law firm that holds a Legal Aid contract for Housing matters.

I’ve received a notice seeking possession, do I have to leave by that date?

No. In order to formally and lawfully evict you, your landlord will need to apply to the Courts for a Possession Order. If you do not vacate the property, a landlord can only re-enter the property and change the locks once they have obtained a Possession Order and executed a Warrant of Possession through the County Court Bailiffs.

My property has fallen into a state of disrepair and my landlord hasn’t carried out any repairs. Can I claim compensation?

In order to pursue a Disrepair Claim, you will need to keep a log of:

  • each item of disrepair at the property
  • when you reported this to your landlord and
  • what your landlord’s response was.

A claim for disrepair can include damages for any items damaged/destroyed as a result of the disrepair, a partial refund of any rent you have paid since the landlord was on notice of the disrepair and did not carry out the necessary repairs, plus potentially an order requiring the landlord to carry out the repairs.

Before you can bring a claim through the courts, you will likely need to obtain an expert surveyor’s report which comments on the disrepair, confirms whether it falls under the landlord’s obligations of repair under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and advises what is required to remedy the disrepair.

It is also worth noting that there may be express terms in your tenancy agreement which set out what exactly your landlords repairs obligations are. These may be more onerous than the obligations that are implied by statute into all assured shorthold tenancy agreements.

For all tenancies per Section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, a landlord must keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the property that supply:

  • gas and electricity
  • heating and hot water
  • water and sanitation

Your landlord must keep the structure and exterior of a property in repair. Your landlord would be responsible for repairing the structure when it causes damp and mould problems within your home. Your landlord cannot avoid their implied duty to carry out repairs by stating in the tenancy agreement they are not responsible.

Your landlord has a duty to ensure your home is fit for human habitation, pursuant to section 9A of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which was inserted by the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018. A property might be unfit for occupation because of:

  • disrepair
  • damp and mould
  • water or sanitation problems
  • health and safety hazards

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  • 5 Stars

    Had a good experience with Hopkins Solicitors. My solicitor was always there with updates and if he wasn’t available his secretary was. Very polite people to talk too. The costs were very reasonable, on the whole I would recommend Hopkins solicitors to everybody including family and friends

    , 31st August 2022

  • 5 Stars

    My expectations were far exceeded when dealing with Ross and his team recently. The service I received was of the highest standard. I was treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism at a very difficult time. Thank you Ross, you are a credit to Hopkins.

    , 31st August 2022

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