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Employment Settlement

Meet Your Team

  1. Aaron Gatland

    Aaron Gatland


  2. Abbie Kennelly (nee Klecha)

    Abbie Kennelly (nee Klecha)

    Legal Executive

  3. Alice Wilkinson

    Alice Wilkinson


  4. Ben Green

    Ben Green

    Associate Solicitor

  5. Bethany Kirk

    Bethany Kirk


  6. Carl Wright

    Carl Wright

    Director and Solicitor

  7. Charlotte Geeves

    Charlotte Geeves

    Apprentice Solicitor

  8. Chris Sedgwick

    Chris Sedgwick


  9. Claire Lowe

    Claire Lowe

    Director and Solicitor

  10. Claire Morris

    Claire Morris

    Chartered Legal Executive

  11. Daniel Hovell

    Daniel Hovell


  12. David Winnett

    David Winnett

    Partner & Solicitor

  13. Elizabeth Kirkham

    Elizabeth Kirkham


  14. Emma Brown

    Emma Brown

    Litigation Executive

  15. Georgia Crossland

    Georgia Crossland

    Apprentice Solicitor

  16. Harrison Browne

    Harrison Browne


  17. Ian Corbett

    Ian Corbett

    Partner & Solicitor

  18. Ian Thompson

    Ian Thompson

    Partner & Solicitor

  19. Julie Pountney

    Julie Pountney

    Partner & Solicitor

  20. Kathy Askew

    Kathy Askew


  21. Khloe Drabble (nee Sheldon)

    Khloe Drabble (nee Sheldon)


  22. Kirstie Courtney-May

    Kirstie Courtney-May


  23. Laura Barker (nee Taylor)

    Laura Barker (nee Taylor)

    Partner & Solicitor

  24. Lewis Chapman

    Lewis Chapman

    Chartered Legal Executive

  25. Lindsay Slater

    Lindsay Slater

    Associate Solicitor

  26. Lisa Collett

    Lisa Collett


  27. Louisa Byford

    Louisa Byford


  28. Lucy Fisher

    Lucy Fisher

    Associate Solicitor

  29. Lucy Hudson

    Lucy Hudson


  30. Martyn Knox

    Martyn Knox

    Managing Director and Solicitor

  31. Martyna Gawel

    Martyna Gawel


  32. Michal Zawislak

    Michal Zawislak

    Associate Solicitor

  33. Natalie Barnett

    Natalie Barnett


  34. Oliver Jones

    Oliver Jones


  35. Oliver Parr

    Oliver Parr


  36. Patricia Redfearn

    Patricia Redfearn

    Chartered Legal Executive

  37. Patrick Todd

    Patrick Todd

    Director and Solicitor

  38. Paul Keegan

    Paul Keegan

    Head of Accounts & Company Secretary

  39. Priya Shahi

    Priya Shahi


  40. Rebecca Brough

    Rebecca Brough

    Partner & Solicitor

  41. Rebecca Jackson

    Rebecca Jackson

    Director and Solicitor

  42. Rebecca Truscott

    Rebecca Truscott

    HR and Office Manager

  43. Ross Hubbard

    Ross Hubbard

    Associate Solicitor

  44. Ruth Pilling

    Ruth Pilling

    Property Legal Executive, Associate CILEx

  45. Shabana Hussain

    Shabana Hussain


  46. Shavana Navid

    Shavana Navid


  47. Tammy Butler

    Tammy Butler

    Head of Marketing

  48. Taqhdees Mahmood

    Taqhdees Mahmood


  49. Tom Stendall

    Tom Stendall

    Director and Solicitor

  50. Victoria Aldgate

    Victoria Aldgate


  51. Zara Abbas

    Zara Abbas


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