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Two local long-standing law firms join together, securing a stronger & brighter future

Two leading local law firms, Hopkins Solicitors and Marchants Solicitors, have announced a business deal that will help both firms to accomplish their future growth plans. The deal was completed on the 1st of October, 2018.

For Marchants Solicitors in Mansfield and Kirkby-in-Ashfield, the deal allows the existing staff to carry on with business-as-usual, but offers them a strong platform of additional support from Hopkins to help them achieve growth within their private and business client base.

Marchants will be retaining both its offices in anticipation of growing its legal team of experts and will continue to trade under the Marchants name, an official trading name of Hopkins Solicitors LLP. Nick Aspley from Marchants will be joining the Hopkins team as a Partner, and his former partner Mike Cummins has chosen to retire.

For Hopkins Solicitors in Mansfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Nottingham, the deal gives them the opportunity to acquire a reputable like-minded law firm and to help them grow into the Kirkby-in-Ashfield area. This will be reinforced by the re-opening of the old Sutton-in-Ashfield’s Market Tavern as Hopkins brand new Sutton-in-Ashfield town centre office (due to open in winter 2019).

Nick Aspley, Marchants Partner, said: “We have made a mutual business decision to amalgamate Marchants Solicitors with another reputable long-standing local firm, Hopkins Solicitors LLP.”

“Our search for a new business partner was simple, having known Hopkins over many years and knowing a number of the Hopkins Partners personally, we know they hold the same values and high levels of quality service as Marchants. Hopkins were keen to help us ensure we could continue to keep our doors open and our dedicated staff employed.”

Martyn Knox, Hopkins Managing Partner, said: “We welcome the opportunity to shape the continued growth and success of our respective legal firms and look forward to continuing to support the members of our local communities, both as clients and employees.”

“Although the ownership of Marchants is changing, the existing Marchants business will continue to operate under the same name, from the same offices with the same friendly knowledgeable staff.”

“We are very proud of our long-standing 100 year history, which allows us to support our local personal and business communities with their legal matters. We believe that our local expertise and our honest commitment to high standards is what allows us to not only provide a personal approach to legal services but to truly make a difference to improve people’s lives.”


For more information about Hopkins Solicitors or questions about this article please contact Tammy Butler, Marketing Manager on 01623 468 468 or tbutler@hopkins-solicitors.co.uk

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