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What is Pneumoconiosis, and can I make a claim for it?

Pneumoconiosis is a general term for diseases caused by inhaling and retaining dust which results in scar tissue in the lungs. If you have been diagnosed with Pneumoconiosis you may be able to claim compensation if the exposure has been from your workplace. Under UK Law you have 3 years from the diagnosis, known as the date of knowledge, to make a claim.

Only around 500 substances have workplace exposure limits, with levels of exposure to be monitored by a competent expert. The recommendations are within the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 which provided guidance on the control of substances which are carcinogenic or cause occupational asthma by monitoring control measures and conducting health surveillance.

The 5 main types of pneumoconiosis:


A long term lung disease caused by inhaling large amounts of crystalline silica dust over many years. People who work in stone masonry and cutting, construction and demolition, pottery, ceramics and glass manufacturing, mining, quarrying and sand blasting are most at risk.


A lung disease that develops due to inhaling of asbestos which is a fibre like material, once used in buildings for roofing , insulation and flooring, its has been banned for use in the UK since 1999. People who worked in the construction industry from the 1970s to 1990s are most at risk. Since then exposure is only likely if you have worked in demolition of old buildings.

Coal Work Pneumoconiosis

Other wise known as black lung disease. You may be able to claim under the coal workers pneumoconiosius scheme (CWPS) but if you accept a payment under this scheme you will not be able to make a claim through the courts. So make sure the best route is taken for you or a family member who has died from the disease.


This is exposure to vegetable fibres i.e. cotton workers


Exposure to the element beryllium , a rare disease which electrical workers or aerospace materials workers are at risk from.

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