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Divorcing at Christmas – tips from your friendly local solicitor

Christmas is renowned for being a stressful time, and for many married couples, it can be the final straw – divorce rates skyrocket over Christmas, with January one of the busiest times of year for divorce solicitors. Statistics show that families use the New Year as a chance to make a fresh start. There are typically about 30K couples in the UK that file for divorce during the 3 months after the holiday season.

Whether it’s the stress of gift-giving, financial strain or just the thought of spending one more Christmas with their partners in-law’s, there are many reasons couples end up making the decision to separate over Christmas.


Here are some helpful tips from our experienced divorce team that can, even in the face of an impending divorce, help you through the process more smoothly.


Use your time off work to talk about the situation and be straight with everyone involved. Many parents naturally want to protect their children and families and will try to sugar-coat the situation – especially at Christmas, when everyone is supposed to feel happy and loved. But playing happy families is only delaying the inevitable and most children are astute enough to feel the real tension in the air.


Put off seeking legal advice. If you’ve already made up your mind that divorce is the right option for you, you’ll need to put your financial house in order as soon as possible – it can have an impact on planned spending or debt borrowing, as well as deciding who will live where and ensuring each party has access to their own personal funds. It’s so it’s crucial to understand your options and make a decision on what your demands will be.


Take time for yourself. Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones, it’s true – but if you’re going through a divorce, or even considering it, it’s likely you’ll need some ‘me-time’ to get to grips with the change that’s about to come. Book a relaxing spa day, go for a wintry walk or hole up in a country cabin for a few days while you clear your head and prepare.


Go it alone. Whether it’s simply a chat with a relative or close friend, don’t go through a Christmas divorce feeling like you’re facing it solo. Therapists, mediators and a myriad of other professionals are on hand to make the process as painless as possible – you needn’t suffer in silence if an unhappy marriage is pointing towards separation.

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