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When ‘Happy New Year’ isn’t ‘Happily Ever After’

Why do people get divorced in January?

Many people aim to change things in their life after the New Year begins, and for some, this includes the end of an unhealthy or unhappy marriage. The idea of a New Year’s resolution may give those who have been considering divorce the push they need; other couples may have been through a difficult Christmas/School holiday, when everything came to a head.

Keep your ears open this January, for people who say/hint ‘we might be splitting up.’ We say this because : there is much mis-information out there, about what (Family) Law says, & the best way of doing things. If you can steer someone to the right kind of Family Lawyer, you’ll be of great assistance.

So what is ‘the right kind of Family Lawyer’?

You want a lawyer who doesn’t promote Conflict. That doesn’t mean they are ‘soft’; it means a lawyer who recognises, the simple truth, “if you want something, ask nicely.” Consider if someone is rude or hostile to you during negotiations, would that make you more or less likely, to say ‘yes’?

A good start is to speak to a lawyer, who follows Resolution’s Code of Practice:

Lawyers subscribing to this code should:

  •  Reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation; for example, by not using inflammatory language.
  • Support and encourage families to put the best interests of any children first.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and objectivity.
  • Help clients understand and manage the potential long-term financial and emotional consequences of decisions.
  • Listen to and treat everyone with respect and without judgment.
  • Use their experience and knowledge to guide clients through the options available to them.

Next, try a lawyer who favours Dispute Resolution, over ‘slugging it out in Court.’ Consider whether a Collaborative approach would work: Read this article to learn more about that approach.

And finally, avoid lawyers who tell their clients at the beginning, “you will win,” or “this is what you will get.” Nobody wins when a couple separates; good lawyers know that their role, is to help  make the best of a difficult situation. And nobody knows how it might end; however, these situations usually end better, where clients keep an open mind, & their lawyers take a constructive approach.

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