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‘No Win, No Fee’ explained

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What is a ‘No Win, No Fee’ or Conditional Fee Agreement?

This is an agreement between you and your solicitor that allows you to make a personal injury claim with no financial risk to you. The agreement allows your solicitor takes out an insurance policy, for the specific claim you are opening, to cover the legal costs of your case if you were to lose. In general it means the person/company you are placing your claim against will be responsible for paying the majority of your legal costs, and any legal costs not paid by them will be deducted from the compensation that you receive at the end of your case.

What does ‘No Win, No Fee’ mean to you?

  • We will provide you with free initial advice
  • You won’t have to pay a penny out of your own pocket
  • We will do everything we can to recover the maximum amount of compensation available to you
  • In most cases, you will keep the majority of your compensation
  • There is no financial risk to you if you are unsuccessful and we will not charge you a penny if you don’t win
  • There are no hidden costs

What happens IF YOU WIN your ‘No Win, No Fee’ claim?

  • Your opponent will pay the majority of our basic legal costs and disbursements (e.g. court fees, medical reports)
  • Any costs not paid by your opponent will be deducted from any compensation awarded to you
  • If any disbursements cannot be recovered from your opponent these will be covered by your insurance policy.

Costs that will be deducted from your compensation award include:

  • The premium for your insurance policy to protect you fully against any risk of legal costs
  • Some of basic legal costs which cannot be recovered from your opponent
  • A “success fee” which compensates us for the risk that if it was unsuccessful then we would not recover any legal fees at all.

What happens IF YOU LOSE your ‘No Win, No Fee’ claim?

  • If you lose we can promise you that there is no financial risk to you if your claim is unsuccessful, as long as you have complied with your responsibilities under the terms of your Conditional Fee Agreement
  • You will be fully covered by your insurance policy for any disbursements, with no out of pocket costs to you
  • You will be fully protected by your insurance policy from any of your opponent’s legal costs

What Other Funding Options Are Available?

There are a number of other ways in which you could fund your case in addition to ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements. Such as:

  • Legal expenses insurance – as part of your household or car insurance you may have legal expenses cover to help with any legal costs.
  • Trade union – if you’re a member of a trade union they may provide assistance for some legal issues.
  • Legal aid – this is only available in birth injury cases for children with brain injuries that result in a severe disability which arise during pregnancy, childbirth or up to eight weeks postnatal.

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