Commercial Disputes

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Commercial Disputes

A commercial dispute has the potential to seriously affect your business. We can help prevent that happening – or reduce the impact if it already has. Our experienced business dispute Solicitors can resolve a wide range of business disputes, including:

  • Business disagreements
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

We also provide civil mediation services to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for court action.

Debt Collection

Our years of experience in chasing overdue invoices suggest that the majority of accounts can be collected by a phone call and/or letter from a Solicitor, without the need for Court action. We provide this service for a fixed-fee regardless of the amount of debt we recover for you. We will always also try to recover both late interest and our costs.

If further action is required, we will advise you of the best, most cost effective way forward, depending on the amount outstanding, and of course the reasons for non-payment. In most cases we will charge a percentage of the debt recovered, these charges will be discussed and agreed with you before we begin any work on your behalf. We aim to make the debt recovery process as simple as possible.

Our debt recovery team can also give advice and recover debts from the majority of countries throughout the world.

We always endeavor to recover your outstanding debts plus all the late payment charges.

We can also collect your current and 30 day invoices in your name, and then escalate the action when necessary to our debt recovery department.